Another quick traffic rant

Driver of car #36879, you are Booked for the simple reason that a turn-signal is not that hard to perform, plus it is the law, even if it is 9:00 pm.

And just so that it doesn't seem that it's only the drivers who are terrible on the road, I have to say that there are some people who while walking seem to think that the road is their red carpet or something. I see people walk across the road while the light is green, with the sure confidence that the vehicles will slam brakes (risking their own health and that of fellow drivers behind them) in order not to hit them.

This is the worst time to be working in town. School lets out this week so what this means is that from today and lasting the next couple of weeks, town will be overloaded with holiday shoppers, teenagers milling about and lines of cars, bikes and trucks. Considering I still have a bit of holiday shopping to do, I am so not looking forward to the next few workdays.

I'm convincing myself to get a new PC. There's a vendor here offering something for under $900 but I'd like a processor upgrade of it - the vendor is recommending instead I go for a higher model which would set me back $1400 instead. Arrrgh, I hate spending so much money - yep it's somewhat of a character fault in certain instances, on the plus side of course I'm not in debt to anyone :-) I think I'm going to do it though, and then end up cursing myelf for the first few weeks then forget about it when I'm able to do what I like with my new gadget.

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