Things Bermuda can adopt from Barbados

As mentioned previously, I was in Barbados for rest, relaxation and good Cricket World Cup fun. Bermuda's Premier, Dr. Brown, was in Barbados briefly as well before I got there, and after spending some time in Barbados and doing some thoughful analysis of the country, wondered if perhaps the Premier was able to get some good ideas on how Bermuda could learn from a country which has made strides to be one of the leading small island developing countries in the world.

Some of the things that Barbados utilizes that Bermuda should also strongly consider:
  • Solar energy panels on houses - let's use our energy wisely
  • Guaranteed public access to all beaches
  • Encourage businesses to set up shop outside of the main city
  • Increase opportunities for training in mechanical, electrical and other technical fields
  • Naming of landmarks such as roundabouts and community playgrounds

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Can we adopt Rhianna? :-)