Bermuda bingo, and poker

I'm checking out the ZFB TV bingo right now and am not amused. For one, the telecast is dull as dishwater. You'd think that they'd have some music in the background or something and that the announcer would have some kind of charisma, however she's only pronouncing words.

Then she's frequently admonishing viewers to not call in early, which is very funny. And just now she made an incorrect computer entry and then had to give a caller a 'winning bingo' in the end.

It's a pretty dry show that could be improved with tons of implented ideas such as have the forms computer-generated in the first place so people don't necessarily have to call in to be a winner. Heck, this show could actually use some commercials!

What I still do not know is where the money paid by the customers goes to. They don't mention it on the TV show and I'm sure that it's financing other persons or organisations, unlike the Bermuda Poker Tour and others who declare that it's strictly non-profit.

I ought to add proper TV bingo to the list of things they can learn from Barbados, as it completes in under ten minutes and bypasses the call-in portion.

I am reading the Poker In Bermuda forums (hey, they have a grammatical error in their banner ad... boo) to see what the organisation is planning to do regarding their game being banned. I think they have to get an MP to propose a law amendment of some sort.

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Anonymous said...

At least they have Bingo - something to do in this country! It was predictable that a Bermudian would make an error, disregard the correct person and then never say she was sorry - I think she even laughed.
I did not know until last week what the dollar amounts for winning are! I also thought that it was funny that she was saying hello to friends during the game. I wanted to call in and ask her to say hello to some of my friends for me. I do not care where the money goes as someone in government will steal it anyway.