Complaining too much about CWC gear

I complain way too much when it comes to getting CWC gear. To think, I made noise about not finding specific clothing articles in Barbados. At least they were only $30.00 (USD). I walk into Sports R Us, Bermuda's "official" CWC distributor. T-shirts are $44.75 and polos are over $55.00.

They didn't even have the ones I liked.

Talk about your disgusting markups. Unlike the retailers in Barbados, I don't expect Sports R Us to have a discount sale - the tourney may be over but heck.

Mind you, the official store seems to be clearing out all stock and not getting more new stuff in, go figure. Just a sad performance overall when you consider that the NFL shop, NBA store, Premiership, etc. never experience cases like this.

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