How Tech are we?

Not too long ago Bermuda has its first "Techweek", a series of events to showcase technology to residents and visitors and promote their services. I haven't heard yet how successful it was (for my part, I actually gave a pair of brief presentations on one of my employer's products which was attended mainly by senior citizens) but I suppose the initiative has good merit and hope it continues.

But for all the talk about how Bermuda is right on board in this realm, there are still some sectors which are seemingly lacking. Noticable to me is how few local retailers have an online presence, for one. I was online at Gorham's and was surprised to see that although they had an attractive website, there were no actual products actually available to view. The other big hardware/home improvement retailer, Masters Limited, doesn't even have a web site.

Department stores aren't much better. I have searched in vain for a Gibbons Company website. Again, not many big time retailers on the island and Phoenix, one of the other big name on the block, is somewhat limited. Trimingham's, for its part, before they went out of business, had a website (still referenced by some sites, oddly enough) but I don't know how valuable it was. A.S. Cooper's, which just completed its store relaunch, is online but they only provide info on tourist-geared products like Bermuda-labelled spices, china and photography books.

Of course in Bermuda there are still several merchants and individuals who aren't willing to embrace technology. Some merchants such as Bermuda Bowling Alley don't even accept credit cards and are a strict cash-and-ledger-pad organisation. Maybe that makes it easier for people to steal funds from the organisation.

I was going to put a rating for some of these retailers on ThumbsupBermuda.com, but guess what? The site's no longer around. Dang.

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