Are we American, British or what?

There's a good letter in the Gazette today from a Jean Hannant inquiring as to why ZBM Evening News (yes that station without a website), the point of which is that they spell "centre" in the American method, i.e. "center".

Here's the thing. Bermuda is a British Dependent Territory. We should continue to spell words in the British fashion, even if our terminology is American. So we can still use words like "elevator", "sidewalk", etc., but we should still spell words correctly, i.e. "honour", "centre", etc.

Also, there's much confusion regarding date rendering. The Royal Gazette dates its articles in the American-style M-D-Y format. The hell?

Even more bizarre is that our Immigration forms ask us for M-D-Y yet our Customs forms are in the correct D-M-Y format. Where's the consistency, Bermuda?

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