Someone at TCD isn't thinking

Yes, you can have a Hummer in Bermuda, apparently.I already think there's too much insanity when it comes to vehicles here, like the flashing blue lights on the undercarriage of some cars (as far as I know it's against the Law), then I saw in person the Hummer H3 that Christian of Politics.bm spotted the other day.

Seriously. Someone said that this is qualified to be a "commercial vehicle"? What's next? Dodge Vipers as taxis?

Without getting into the issue about how egotistical Bermudians can be and the desire to be as cool as our American brethren, I have to wonder how this was allowed to come to pass, as this is by far the most ridiculous thing I have seen. The only practical purpose for something like this here may be to tow a motorboat, but there are plenty of legitimate small trucks or pickup trucks that can be used; this smacks of ego-stroking by the owner and someone at TCD blinded by the shine of the rims.

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Many a times expats get blamed for clogging up Bermuda's streets with cars, but honestly, most expats I know don't own cars. I'd really like to know who owns this one though!