Red lights in Bermuda are just a suggestion (VI)

The usual spot on Front Street near Par-la-ville. This time it was a clean double-dose of red light running fun. Lights just turning red all around (which leads to pedestrians being given the all-clear). White van zooms through the red at the Par-la-ville exit, heads west and clears the red light onto Pitts Bay Road. Got the licence number: L2396.

We've collectively allowed our driving culture to descend into one of "Rules and laws are only suggestions" and as long as the powers that be continue to absolve themselves of any responsibility in trying to reverse the trend, it's just going to get worse.


Unknown said...

Have you ever tried emailing the Premier, in his capacity as Minister of Transportation, and asking him whether he has any intention of cracking down on people like this, and if not, why not? He always used to be good at responding to emails and it would be interesting (possibly) to hear his reply.

Phil Ray said...

aren't there cctv cameras on that corner? Surely the man can pull a tape.