Red lights in Bermuda are just a suggestion (V)

This morning, near Supermart on Front Street. Lights go red for the pedestrian crossing to switch. Guy, riding 135AL, looks over, peers around a big truck parked near the crossing, then vooms ahead.

I don't care *what* Government and the Road Safety Council or the Police say, this kind of incident isn't going to be reduced by mandatory Project Ride or teenage curfews.

They may as well save on the electricity and turn off all the traffic lights, the way people are ignoring them ad nauseum.


Renaissance Man said...

I still say the two worst locations are Burnaby HIll/Front Street and anywhere around 24/7 Esso in town.

I tell people off all the time. I did it on Friday with some assholes (two cars and a truck) coming east along Front Street going right in front of me while the light was green from the Burnaby side, causing me to slam brakes and swerve to avoid them.

When I lose it and pound some idiot, can I call you to bail me out?

Tryangle said...

Not a problem. The amount of people who don't care about the traffic laws (or for that matter, just applying common sense) is enormous.