Part 2 of my beef with Cablevision Bermuda

I was ranting so much about Cablevision not accepting cards as a form of payment that I didn't even mention the other issues I was a little concerned about with their billing and payment process.

Firstly, the customer rep mentioned that they do not have a copy of my bill or provide me with some kind of invoice, because apparently all the billing statements are done overseas.


We are outsourcing the printing of bills.

I guess that means that Cablevision Bermuda doesn't qualify as "Buy Bermuda" now.

The best I can do is get a computer printout of the charges racked up. The printout is like the old-school printouts you would make from a VT-100 terminal (if you haven't heard of VAX or related mini or mainframe computers, skip this paragraph). It's a bunch of numbers printed off with no logical path to come up with my actual balance broken down in easily-understandable fashion.

The other thing is that they say I can pay 'online'. I'm like, yeah I pay all my bills online in the first place, it's the billing that I'd probably like to see online so I don't have to wonder if the Post Office has my bills piled up in some back room because they can't identify my cluster box number or some crap.

They hand me a flyer containing a bunch of freaking ATM locations and drop box locations for cheques. What the hell? I already have Internet Banking, so this 'information' doesn't help me pay my bills more quickly. It would still be way quicker to ride to a damn ATM, withdraw cash and drag it back to the office, because if I pay a bill via either the ATM or using my Internet Banking services, I'd still have to wait for it to be received and dealt with by Cablevision, particularly after hours.

Cablevision, wake me up when you get online billing in place. That's all.

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