Everything's happening, or nothing's happening

Let's see:

The Report into Young Black Males.
The Bermuda First Report.
The reveal (of sorts) of the new political party.
Corporation of Hamilton has a meeting open to the public.
A UBP leadership battle tonight.
Parliament re-convenes tomorrow with the Throne Speech.
And the PLP has its Banquet on the weekend.

Not to mention recent announcements concerning PATI and the Foote Report on Overseas Territories.

It would be a lot to digest over the course of a week (heck, the first report is 220+ pages).

But for the talk and reports and pledges, crime hasn't abated and we had another damn shooting last weekend. It seems like business as usual for the Island's frustrations concerning education and the economy.

I dunno, looks like everyone's trying to take headlines and the like at an inopportune time. It's not all being done deliberately, I know, but it's not easy to shake off the feeling of 'here we go again'.

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