Stop sign means stop

Well, the Police are taking a different approach, it seems. I suppose the whole "don't speed, don't make a third lane" motto was finally losing steam after a most-successful two years of constant usage.

So we have a new press statement, whoo-hoo! This time, it's something that looks promising. The Police want to focus a little more on people who fly through stop signs at certain junctions (they give three examples; there are several more out there). They're even threatening to ticket people. It's sad that the Police have to announce these kinds of things to the public, but I think the public honestly either don't know or don't care. But if they at least see a Police officer watching (or heck, a scarecrow dressed like a cop would probably do the trick these days) they may pay a little more attention to the road signage.

Senator David Burch made a good point the other day when commenting on Police deployment (it had to do with budget cuts, which I won't bring up here), that is, that the deployment has to be improved. It seems that there aren't enough officers patrolling normally, and when they do, it's in groups of three or four when one or two would suffice in the particular situation. Not sure if it's due to training or something. But it's a proven fact, one that does not require any surveys or studies, that when police are known to be around, people will be more cautious on the road and more obedient of traffic laws. This also cuts down on other activities like malicious behaviour (e.g. teens wanting to throw bottles at passing vehicles).

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