Not even a dumplin'

I think that many people in Bermuda enjoy Jamaican Grill restaurant. It's been in business for quite a while and recently opened a new restaurant in Somerset that's pretty popular. You could argue that they are the top restaurant for West Indian cuisine on the island.

That said, they don't seem to always have available certain menu options. Usually it's the beef patties that are hard to come by, but the other evening I was a bit surprised to walk in to place an order when I was told that they were out of jerk chicken, brown stew anything, and even dumplings!

Not even a li'l dumpling. Ouch. Go figure, that evening they had patties galore.

I was thinking that they may as well have closed the place down, but this is "the iiiiiiisland (tm Beyonce)" and some places just continue on because after all, it's not like there's any competition around.

Come on, Jamaican Grill. You put out a decent product, so let's try to make it more available, please.

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