Sports Awards chosen by... politicians?

Was off-island for a few days and apparently a whole bunch of things happened including a government bailout and another unfortunate road fatality, but I want to first take notice of what happened with the local Sports Awards issued out, that I found totally amazing.

Basically a panel chose a swimmer who made the Olympics to win the Male Athlete of the Year. However the Minister of Sport who apparently has the final say, went in another direction. The Gazette, TalkSport and Catch-a-Fire have each published their views of the hows and whys.

But my main question on the Sports Awards is why a politician is determining the winner and not the appointed panel of persons who presumably have knowledge, experience and insight into the athletes and their chosen disciplines?

It would seem that the Sports Awards have suddenly lost their worth in a big way. Will the same happen to the Sports Hall of Fame as well?

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