Planning overload

As you may know, there's a wedding in the very near future. Add the complexities that go along with getting a home, in addition to having a regular 9-5 job and it can be a daunting task, especially when personal time management (well, at least execution of the time management) isn't your strongest area.

You may have seen that I added a new bit to the blog showing how long it's been since I got to do some of my favourite activities. No, seeing my site get hacked into isn't a hobby, but I've had little time to try to get the site moved from this stupid host (Blogger is fine, but the site hosting BeachLime proper is terrible) and may not get a chance until mid-May at best. But I'm pretty sad that I haven't gone bowling (Wii bowling or the app on Facebook doesn't count) since August of '08.

I can't even remember the last time I picked up a tennis racquet, either. Groan.

What really bites is the fact that no matter how well I may be dealing with all the things-to-be-done, the fiancee has an even bigger workload (and won't let me forget).

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Zina Malcolm PR said...

Love your commentary - keep it up & good luck with ticking off your fair share of the wedding to-do list.

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