'Gaming' on cruise ships on hold

This is a little surprising, that a Government proposed bill amendment didn't go through for once. This bill was to allow cruise ships while in port to have their casinos open late at night, but it was met with opposition from both the Opposition and Government backbenchers.

Here's the money quote from one backbencher:

"Hamilton was already a ghost town at night and tourists were staying at home at night."

I think this is what it comes down to. Nightclubs and other avenues for entertainment aren't too plentiful, so allowing tourists on cruise ships to stay aboard is a pretty self-defeating purpose as far as raising revenue is concerned.

So instead of finding ways to revive the local product and try to get money into the hands of Bermudians, the powers-that-be are choosing to appease the cruise ship lines (and most likely take a small slice off the top to fill Government's coffers).

(Edited to add a link to the Devil Island post that puts things in a better light; but like I said above perhaps the initiative is to just get more cash into Government)

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