Will poker return?

Just read Wednesday's clipping from the PLP blog that talks about a Gaming Task Force being put into play. More will be printed in the Gazette today, I imagine. Anyway it's supposed to help gather input so as to determine whether gambling in Bermuda should be made legal, namely in the hotels.

Some may say that it's just another committee to rubber stamp whatever the Government wants to accomplish, a la the Independence Commission, but I'm a little interested to see if the ol' poker clubs that got shut down some time ago will emerge from the proverbial ashes to lend input. Not that anybody would expect the focus to be on what forms of gambling are legal or anything.

Mind you, I still find the ZBM Monday Gambling Night a bore and waste of time. Lord, that 'show' is so dry and uninspiring. I suppose it counts as 'local programming', however.

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