2009 Budget fun

I'd been meaning to blog a few things this week but due to a power outage, the apparent loss of all data on my PC, problems connecting to the Internet, and other not-fun-at-all scenarios (currently I'm trying to get over this cold/sniffling/coughing thing) I've had to postpone writing a couple of things having to do with the road safety stuff that the Premier talked about.

Today the Finance Minister revealed the planned budget for this year. I'm no big detailed analyst kind of guy and only took first-year Econ at university so don't ask me anything, k? Vexed has his early take on the budget. Bermuda Sun has stripped it to a highlights package here.

Two weeks ago I had thought that we need to hear about the renovation/reconstruction of our only hospital, that should be the primary must-have as far as this budget was concerned. Then it was announced that a private-public partnership was to be implemented. I don't know how that works out in terms of delivering a successful product on time, or if it's a concept that is borrowed from the U.S. Surprised it hasn't generated much discussion, actually. The Budget itself did mention financing of the hospital, but no dollar amount was mentioned in the statement. Have to read the report, I suppose.

The import duty has been dramatically reduced for boats, which is very interesting. The rate had been previously been hiked from 33.5% to 55%, which angered a lot of mariners. So the change here is likely to be well-welcomed by those who boat, fish and sail on the island.

As expected, sports looked to have taken a hit. Doesn't look good for that swim complex (or enhancements to the cricket pavillion). Again, to be expected.

There's too much to go through at this time, but I gotta add that I like the idea of a Cultural Legacy fund. It comes to mind every time I see and hear people playing old folk songs at the airport arrivals hall or at SaltRock Grill.

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