What happened to the alternative newspaper

The PLP is blasting the Gazette again. Yet, nothing's yet emerged as far as an alternative print media is concerned, despite the Government's desires for it. Not a miniscule pipsqueak on anything. Anybody check out Bermuda Network News recently? Heh. It re-emerged in October for all of one month.

Anyway, the PLP can probably choose to ignore or sue the Gazette if they feel that the Gazette is trying to subvert the Government, but for some reason haven't seemed to consider it. Either way, whether it be through legal action or hiring all kinds of PR lackeys to paint pretty pictures on things, taxpayer money is spent.

And while I do believe that some of what the Gazette produces is questionable at best, I'm tired of them being labelled a scapegoat for everything that's gone awry in Bermuda over the past forty years.


Anonymous said...


OK, yet again, this needs to be said.

Newspapers have to tell the truth. That is the law. If the paper prints an untruth, demand a retraction. If they do not print a retraction, then you can sue them. The law is definitely on the side of truth.

The reason that politicians rail against the paper, without actually requesting retractions, is because they cannot prove the paper is false. Protesting in the court of popular opinion is more effective, and doesn't require the scrutiny or preparation of the legal courts.

Anonymous said...

I was really hoping for another daily paper for purely selfish reasons! The Gazette won't run a daily comic strip. I was hoping the new one would! *grin*