Superbowl, another classic

We've been fortunate to have two outstanding games in the Superbowl. Last year the Giants made a late game-winning game drive to shock the Patriots, and I thought that I was watching one of the greatest Superbowls ever.

Then yesterday, simply wow. From Heinz Ward making crucial plays, the Cardinals coaches making correct challenges in critical situations, the amazing interception and run back by LB James Harrison, Kurt Warner being awesome in the face of a daunting blitz engine, Larry Fitzgerald doing everything receiving-wise, throw in some bad penalties (and Harrison's punch of a player later was low and dirty), and then the final drive where Santonio Holmes simply made all the plays, caught everything thrown his way and made a great endzone catch to put the Steelers back in front. All kinds of drama leading to Pittsburgh getting their franchise-leading sixth Sueprbowl title.

Now many will argue on what the biggest single-day sporting event is; some would argue for the FIFA World Cup but despite the Superbowl and NFL generally being a sport that's limited in popularity globally compared to soccer, as far as a spectacle with the potential to be a jaw-dropping event that's talked about for months and years later, there's no contest in my opinion.

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