ODIs in Bermuda? Too late?

Hindsight is 20-20, they say. The Minister of Sport is apparently aiming to have our National Sports Centre set up as a venue capable of hosting cricket one-day internationals and having ICC sides compete here.

Whatever. When did Bermuda qualify for the last World Cup and gain ODI status? Now that Bermuda is on the verge of losing it, the powers-that-be want to suddenly push for getting the facility prepped?

Bermuda had optimal opportunities to push ahead with this years ago and become a pioneer in this. Ireland, Holland and Canada have lapped us many times. While having the cricket pitch brought up to standard turned out to be a tough task, it wouldn't have been a problem to at least go and improve the pavilion, media area and other infrastructure areas in the meantime. Instead, nada. Bermuda couldn't even host another international side in any format until late last year. So many lost opportunities; particularly when enthusiasm was much higher, sponsorship dollars were more likely to be available and the economy was in great shape.

Now? Please. Can you see a team like India passing through here before touring the West Indies? We don't have an Allan Stanford type here who will throw five million dollars into a tournament capable of attracting a top Test nation here, subsequently getting more visitors to the island and buzz for Bermuda world wide.

The future of Bermuda cricket at the international level hangs on the edge of a knife. The ICC and CricInfo staff are focused on consolidating and increasing revenue in the big money, big population zones of India and Pakistan. They are hoping that the little speck of Bermuda can get banished quickly. All the gesturing by local politicians on what they'll do with the NSC in the face of a potentially reduced Budget doesn't mean much of anything at this time.

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