What he said

More road deaths. Same responses from those in a position to implement change. Lather, rinse, repeat. Vexed gets it. No police to monitor traffic, just clean up the mess afterwards. And Government pretty much letting the current crop of drivers smash themselves up without punitive consequences.

Meanwhile the Premier thinks that Bermuda is being brought to their knees before Britain because the UK is making a freaking inquiry into the regulation and other aspects of financial centres here. Again, go read Vexed's discussion of said rant.

And of course, by-election in Southampton this week. Most likely, this will determine the future or lack thereof for the UBP, and there's nothing that the PLP heads would like to see more than a comprehensive smackdown by Marc Bean over Charlie Swan. And no, we're not going to see a surprise win by Khalid Wasi.

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Anonymous said...

For Pete's sake, the Premier needs to get over himself already!