Dollar Depot Bargains?

It's very strange that we went to the Dollar Depot to buy pillows, and they were priced at fifty dollars; so we went to the nearby grocery store and got them at under twelve dollars.

Ironic, eh.
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Anonymous said...

May I just say Bermuda is such a rip off when it comes to things like this...

I love the fact that here in Cayman, so many things are competitively priced, some items even cheaper than the US. We actually have a Cayman version of a COSTCO here. Two actually! :-) It's all new stuff!!!

Tryangle said...

The pillows at Dollar Depot *were* from Costco, oddly enough!

Just strange that a so-called discount bargin store can't even sell items at lower prices than the store that's literally a few feet away.

Maybe it comes down to retailers and Government unable to get Bermuda residents to consistently shop locally. I mean, people would rather buy a freakin' plane ticket, stay in a hotel a few nights, and come back feeling that they saved money on their purchases. Nobody's figured it out yet.