Government supporting local broadcast media

Senator Michael Fahy has successfully read my mind. While it was admirable for Government to use Gov Tv as an avenue for having students apprentice there and get involved with the field of mass media, money could have been allocated to these local broadcasters with the provision that they take on interns and have programmes available to train people in that field.

Sure, and nobody's been harder on them for me as regards producing quality programming, they haven't been great at developing quality programmes (the evening news is still pretty poor), but you have to think it's a lack of funds rather than a conscious decision on the producers' part.

As it is, there's a real chance that within ten years both broadcasting houses could be forced out of the television business and there would be a void of free-access television, which should be considered reprehensible by a so-called modern society.

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Phil said...

Actually, I think it could be a good thing if BBC went out of business. From what I have heard, they have refused to let Cablevision show CBS and NBC in hi-def, even for a fee. Yet they have no plans (or ability, probably) to make HD versions of those channels available themselves. Yet without those channels, Cablevision's HD lineup is pretty unappealing. BBC, in other words, are probably impeding the uptake of HD in Bermuda. (For further proof, note the absence of any HD coverage of the Olympics.)