More failure to read signs

So I am headed into town from Harbour Road and behind a line of cars. I was shocked to see that a car coming from the Trimmingham Hill side of the roundabout (all illustrated to the right) cut off a driver headed normally along lane 1 into East Broadway. On top of that the driver of the other car is shouting at them to give way there! Does he not know the law as pertains to rush hour traffic there? During rush hour, so as to encourage traffic to flow from the extremely busy Harbour Road side (it's not really Harbour Road, can't recall the name right now), Lane 1 is for traffic from Harbour Road only, Lane 2 is for traffic coming from Trimmingham Hill and Berry Hill Road (not pictured, but it's opposite Harbour Road in this example). Once you're in East Broadway itself you can switch lanes accordingly. But this idiot driver didn't know the correct protocol!

Anyway, the point is that it's disgusting to see that drivers don't even know the damn rules and want to be all belligerant about it when they're clearly in the wrong.


Anonymous said...

What is even worse and I have seen it twice in the last couple of months is cars taken the middle lane on east broadway when it is meant to be going the other way!!

Once I had to jump into the other lane to avoid hitting a car head on!

A five when the middle lane is packed it isn't a problem but around 6:15 traffic in the middle lane is pretty light and cars coming into town forget that lane isn't for them. There is going to be a huge accident soon!!

Tryangle said...

True that. People seem to forget what the middle lane is for when it's not rush hour. If I recall correctly, the colour of the lines mark out which direction traffic is supposed to flow during regular hours (it's white on one side, yellow on the other).

Anonymous said...

The Harbour Road merge roundabout rule is ONLY for the morning rush hour, 0730 to 0930, Monday through Friday. At all other times, the junction is to be treated as any other roundabout.

As for people not reading signs, just add this one to the list, like STOP, KEEP CLEAR, NO PARKING, and others that seem to escape recognition by what passes for drivers locally.

Tryangle said...

True, so let me confirm that this situation was indeed during morning rush hour. You are absolutely right, at all other times traffic must give way to other vehicles on the roundabout. Good call, RM.

Anonymous said...

Another issue I always see with this roundabout is traffic travelling off of East Broadway going up Trimingham Hill. There are two concentric lanes around the roundabout and too often vehicles intending to travel up Trimingham Hill cut into the lane reserved for vehicles continuing around to exit onto The Lane (which I believe is the correct name for what is termed Harbour Rd in this discussion). It doesn't seem to matter whether there is a vehicle occupying that inner lane, since I have had to jam on my brakes on many occasions in order to avoid having my passenger side doors dented in.

Bermudians are generally very bad drivers, and drive in a manner that would get many more of them killed any where else. I think the low speed limit tempers the number of road fatalities. If drivers in NA were to run red lights and stop signs with the same ignorance as they do here, they would get killed off quite quickly!