This driver needs to be stopped

First major dumbass cunt of 2008, the man overrtakes me on the CORNER by Francis Patton School, and cuts in literally 5 inches in front and to my right. I had to brake hard and swerve away from this jackass.

So, to the driver of that grey Suzuki Swift licence 38557, watch out. You're about to receive a nice fat 'dumbass who needs their licence removed before you kill someone' bumper sticker across your dashboard.



LOL I can't believe you put up his liscense #. Way to go!

Although, would you have put it up if it were a Government liscense plate?

Tryangle said...

Well, I think I've put up the license numbers of police cars when the driver's done stupidness in the past, so I'm sure that I'll post any license number of any idiot driver I see, even if it's a GP[single digit] one.

Mind you I have no idea if I can get hit with any legal crap over naming and shaming...