I apologise, Mr. Stanford

I'd like to apologize to investor Allan Stanford and to the Caribbean cricket community for Bermuda's wretched performance in the 20/20 competition yesterday evening.

Sorry for yet again sending an under-prepared squad who couldn't even put up a minuscule of fight whatsoever against a better opponent.

This will once again ignite questions about the record financial investment by Government in a men's squad who have been overwhelmed in virtually every single match, whether it be first-class games, one-day internationals or the 20/20 version, which has been touted as our best chance to make a mark. Is it money wasted?

Aside from issues regarding unavailability of players which led to us sending what was practically our national Over-35s side or a failure of our national body in combination with the Ministry of Sport to arrange for proper training including actual played matches (not to mention a belief in some circles that the Board consists of too many individuals with their own agendas), the cricketers may have a lot to answer for.

Meanwhile, Bermuda remains a cricket laughingstock in the Windies. Once again I have to keep a low profile if I visit Barbados this year. Great.

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