Three -oh-two

So I was home sick yesterday and I tried to get some rest and get away from the stresses of work (consecutive weekends at the office will probably weaken your immune system physically and mentally).

Anyway watching The Price Is Right during an awake period. They had this short woman, she was so loud and excited while in contestant's row but clueless as a bedpan. One item up for bids, someone bids $635. A bid later, she comes out with a hearty "$630!" I'm like, what the devil, how clueless is she?

So someone else wins and eventually there's another item up for bids. And I'm thinking that this woman can't get any worse. A guy bids $303 dollars for something (it was a set of iPhones I think, so it's way under what the actual price was). Would you believe that this person piped up strong with "$302!" Host Drew Carey looked like he was in total disbelief. I cracked up.

Funny thing is that she got the next round right, apparently, but I didn't see it. Just a strange story to put in while there's drama happening all over the island.

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