Stupid big cars and stupid drivers

It's bad enough that we allow for large-ass cars like this Kia Sportage on our narrow and winding roads, and I know that the trend to owning larger cars in Bermuda will continue unabated as there's no Government desire to try to reduce the number of "accidents" anyway.

One of these large cars was clearly driven by a poor and inconsiderate soul, as they parked it at such an angle that a poor woman in a smaller car couldn't maneuver her vehicle into the spot. Way to go, Kia abuser.

The days of compact cars are over, really. Although smaller cars are available, the popularity is low, mainly because people prefer the extra height of SUVs for example or like a larger car to hold more stuff in it. No, still no reason other than ego for the Hummer driver, I think.

Government's probably content with getting increased licensing fee dollars, the big car dealerships get to push out CRVs and Sportages (and tomorrow Jeep Grand Cherokees) and benefit from the patched roads (future post, I think) messing up their suspension, and the banks enjoy giving out loans in a no-lose situation for them. For all the talk about the benefits of electric or other 'clean' cars, I don't ever see it happening in great volume here.



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Anonymous said...

Not to worry, with a recession looming, hopefully more people will tighten their belts and opt for smaller cars or even bikes; or maybe nothing at all.