Why the ferry pilot could be reinstated

Wow. The Bermuda Sun figured it out. I thought that one reason why the BIU may have been able to justify their stance that the ferry pilot should not be fired was that perhaps it was something that wasn't a fireable offense according to the terms of his contract.

So bingo. While if I was messing around at work, posting ugly and incorrect web pages to our company's website (bad example of course, we have plenty of users who do that anyway) and it was discovered that I had a stash of empty bottles of booze around me, I'd be fired because part of my Terms of my Agreement policy says that I'd be on the curb if working while drunk.

However there's no such thing at Marine and Ports. Oh, but it's "in the developmental stages". Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah.

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Anonymous said...

He was 'exonorated'