Why our Road Laws won't get changed (II)

I wouldn't have believed this if I hadn't just seen it. I'm riding up Palmetto Road and all of a sudden this cop-bike comes up from behind and zooms past me. I think its light was flashing but there was definitely no siren. Anyway, I continue on, thinking that the guy is obviously either responding to some incident or something of that matter.

Lo and behold (I like that phrase - when used in the right context), as I near Bernard's Park, I'm forced to wait as the rider of the bike is involved in a roadside chat with some other driver. You know the deal - the car is pulled over next to the curb and the bike is right next to it. Eventually both parties take off. I suppose the emergency wasn't as critical as I thought. Either that or the rider is abusing his power.

Rider of IO974 and driver of 31874, you're both Booked. Now I know why the police aren't clamping down on traffic violations and abuse, they're too caught up in doing it themselves. Maybe the Commissioner has relaxed the rules or something. Wouldn't be surprised. Another reason why nobody respects the Police.

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