Michael Jackson Overhype

So Michael Jackson, accused of sexually abusing young boys, decides to go on Jesse Jackson's radio show to claim his innocence. That's fine in itself, I suppose, he's not breaking any laws or violating his gag-order or what-not.

He then goes on to compare his situation with that of Nelson Mandela. That's right, the man who was jailed for years because of his stance against apartheid, one of the worst disservices against fellow human beings ever. Yes, Michael Jackson, who's only famous for signing and being a benefactor to plastic surgeons everywhere, is almost equivalent to Mandela. Oh yeah, also Jesse Owens and Mohammed Ali.

He should compare himself more to O.J. Simpson if he wants to talk about conspiracies, although it wouldn't be in his best interest, would it? But it's definitely a far closer parallel.

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