Try finding an affordable place to stay

Why people only turn on their indicator signals when they're actually turning instead of before they turn, is a mystery. And stupid. So to the cell-phone-using guy driving IN1736, you're Booked.

If you're a single guy in Bermuda, forget about home ownership. It's a pipe dream. Unless you're a doctor or something. That's the object of my bitterness as the Ides of MarchTM approach.

Take a look at the Bermuda E-Moo website. There are two sections dedicated for apartments etc. - one for prospective renters and one for those who want to rent out. The difference in expectations between the two groups would be hilarious if it wasn't sad. But it's getting a bit better, although again either way the prices are too much for me. So I'm stuck living 'at home' for at least a couple more years I think. Unless I get an unexpected jump in salary of at least $500 a month... heh. Maybe if I take my freelance web business and actually do something with it. Hm.


attleeboy said...

I offer webdesign!!! u can do all the other stuff :)

Tryangle said...

Heh... how about I do the coding and you can do the user interface and graphics... this must be what AC was talking about regarding going into business together - I suppose he'd get to manage the two of us and take home all the $$$ :-)