Top o' the day to you

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I wish I actually knew personally any Irish people. The only Irish thing that I have any affiliation with is the odd Guiness every now and then. Heh.

Working on a new layout for the home page, something to give the viewer (hey that would be you! Hello! How's life treating you?) something more interesting to see when they first visit/stumble drunkenly upon/are misdirected to this website. I feel confident that it'll be worthwhile. Or at least a way to further use my php programming powers for the greater good.

Had a dream last night that I quit my job. Problem was that I had nothing else lined up so I went to a PC the next day (in my dream) and logged on and couldn't open Outlok or Notes or whatever so I was all in dismay. Go figure, I wake up and go to work and get greeted with news of a staff forum with the big bosses. There's something to it all, perhaps. But I got a coaster and a tin of tiny mints (or cyanide tablets) out of the deal. So it's some consolation after a confusing morning.

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