How not to run a local television station

The fact that nobody at Bermuda Broadcasting was monitoring their signal from (possibly even before) noon to 5pm on Sunday, giving us some static image for the entire duration (and thus, not broadcasting CBS's NFL coverage), and or not bother to check in and flick their damn switch (or whatever it is they use to get the network feed), proves without a doubt that the powers that be at Bermuda Broadcasting simply can't be bothered.

They just killed every ounce of goodwill they gained with their new "Let's Talk" show. Just give up the ghost already, either shut down or let someone with the will and aptitude to run the company take over. Stick to radio. Yeah, it sucks for those who are unable or unwilling to get a subscription TV package, but enough is enough.

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Unknown said...

Ah, local TV. My favourite topic. Take a trip up to ZBM. It's like a history of broadcasting exhibit. When I suggested to someone there recently that their signal remains poor, albeit better than a year ago, and that they should be putting out HD both over cable and the air, the employee laughed. And said "You think this is a real TV station?"