Obama-like movements and moments

I'm sure we're not alone in the world in this, but many Bermudians, from all sides of the political spectrum are fond of using the last name of the current U.S. President as some kind of synonym for unity and cohesiveness.

It's played out to the point of exhaustion and madness.

So stop it, people. Can we ban the phrase "Obama-movement" with regards to politics, especially now that we've since learned that all isn't so peachy with the U.S. after their great watershed moment of their election result happened and trying to run the country has turned out to make half the country angry and fed up?

Enough is enough, and that goes for all our local politicians. Shoot, I liked them better when they were on that whole stupid "testicular fortitude" bollocks. No pun intended, of course.


Phil Ray said...

We are defined by eras. This is definitely the era for Obama-itis. I'm intrigued, as a black person does it devalue the experience for you? Do you find that the "experience" has not lived up to the hype?

Obama himself said that his job was ugly when he went into it, and he hasn't won over anyone since.

Tryangle said...

I don't know if me being a black person had anything to do with me getting tired of every political group on the island claiming that they're on an Obama-like movement.

When Obama was running for office in the U.S., many people here (and in other countries) were full of the hype. The idea that someone who was categorised as a black man could take the office of the most powerful person in the world, it was huge.

I don't know though. It became more about 'ooh, a black person, that'll unite us all' rather than was he the best person to lead the U.S. Of course at the time most people would have voted for the Democratic candidate anyway thanks to George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Some people got too caught up in the man rather than the policies.

I'm way off on some tangent towards American politics, sorry Phil. To try to bring it back to the meat of the issue, it's become an overused cliche now. There is no so-called "Obama figure" or "Obama movement" in Bermuda. Politics here is way different than what our U.S. friends go through.