Why E-Moo does nothing for regular joes

A long time ago I signed up for the E-Moo service, to send me reports on available properties for rent. Fair enough.

However it's truly a waste of time. I'm grossing around $53K a year, so what's the point in having these properties' details sent to me when the lowest price I've ever spotted was $2,200-a-month for a one-bed? They need to have a regular-folks version of E-Moo, but that's not going to happen. So to free up time I'm unsubscribing. The sellers will no doubt get their buyers, however.

In less depressing news, it turns out that Bermuda Broadcasting, you know, that network without a website, is off-the-air due to a workers' strike. Perfect timing after they along with the other media outlets, had to deal with drama relating to the BHC situation. Well, there goes my last excuse not to subscribe to cable TV. I wonder if Government provides subsidies to broadcast media anyway?

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