Disenfranchising voters

Unfortunately, the ProgressiveMinds website has devolved into a prattle of incoherentness, for lack of a better phrase. When it was launched I was pleasantly surprised, and was eager to see what the other side of the coin presented in the blogosphere when you consider that politics.bm, Limey and Imho.bm tended to lean towards the UBP party in support.

It's true that the UBP still has failed to initiate a blog,while the PLP has its mainstream blog plus ProgMinds. The PLP has clearly out-ran the UBP when it comes to promoting itself in the online world. Even in the Facebook community the PLP was there well-ahead of its biggest rival.

However, one particular contributor's acts of beating up on any opposing voices with racial slurs in large quantity without much visible action taken by administrators to cease the activity has made it a bit of a farce. I don't think it's the correct line when the group is trying to appeal to the unaffiliated, undecided and independents out there who browse the site. I visit the site daily but frankly I'm discouraged by the discourse and wouldn't recommend it to others as I once did.

Perhaps they need to be more stringent on who's allowed to post so that their messages get across, untampered with by dissidents, and allow for those with conflicting views to go elsewhere for debate without sullying the actual party.

Right now, I don't care about the BHC thing, unfortunately, thanks to all the political huffing and puffing on what's more important. I'm not even concerned about the situation with Southlands and the building of hotel complexes (maybe they'll turn out to be condos/villas anyway). I'm a bit more concerned that the newspapers and free TV providers are getting blitzed, but even then...

These days we've seen a few campaigns encouraging Bermudians to ensure they're registered to vote in the next election but I wonder if all this vitriol spewing all over the place is really going to encourage the youth, who may already feel disenchanted, to sign up when they already feel like there's no point.

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