Always focus when on the road

Booked: myself.

Yesterday I was exiting the driveway from my house onto the main lane (not the main road) which as is the case for many of us, a single-lane road. I reach a gap and there's a car there about to enter the lane. I stop to let him through but he declines. I eventually continue, and as I take the slight bend around the road I look in my rearview window to see if that driver continued on the road.


Just as I round the bend there's this red car driven by an older fellow. Fortunately I was able to brake before colliding. I round him and pull up to him as he waves me down. Rightly so, he gives me a stern but not unkind lecture about going too fast around the bend. In retrospect I was indeed going quickly around a bend that's a bit of a bad corner with a large hedge blocking much of what's potentially approaching. Combined with me not focusing ahead and the fact that the sun was low in the sky, it's probably quite fortunate that I didn't wind up splattered on the hood. I likely would have had some mild to serious injuries if things had gone a little differently. Sheepishly, I acknowledged the comments he gave to me and then moved on, very annoyed at myself for getting into such a bad situation that could have been easily avoided.

It really does go to show that when on the road, you have to be prepared and alert at all times, not just when on the main roads, but also while on smaller lanes. Lose your focus for even a second and you could be in danger.

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