Scandals, corruption and the rumour

Well, in Bermuda the big news is this leaking of reports which has been the subject of discussion across the island and unsurprisingly has garnered polarising opinions across the board. One thing for sure, the word's not dying down thanks to alternative outlets on the Web. I know little of it myself but have followed the local blogs and forums and await the results of whatever comes out of it.

Also happening here: one of the Island Soccer League coaches has slammed the population for not coming out to support the league in its inagural season. I'm thinking, you can't expect people to suddenly support a sport which has taken a lot of flack in recent years. Give it time. Berating us isn't going to help one bit. Give it time. In the meantime, encourage the TV newsmedia to create a feature on some ISL action. See if VybezAlliance or IslandStats.com could have a streaming video of some match play with commentary.

Meanwhile, another teachers' wildcat strike, just in time for end-of-term exams. And seriously, this is why some of us find it difficult to back the teachers. What's up with these wildcat strikes and sick-outs and work-to-rule situations anyway? What happened to announcing strikes and allowing for things to be resolved at the negotiation table? It's like the union chiefs are trying to make sure that regardless, the workers will get a paid day off anyway. Crap.

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