Superbowl ads and local eccentricities

Not the best Superbowl played for sure, but it was quite entertaining to watch. Congrats to the Indianapolis Colts on their victory. In recent years there's been an increased focus on the TV commercials airing during the event, and with a global audience in the hundred millions and the costs of a TV ad spot in the million dollar range it's no surprise. This year's entries however were overall much poorer than years past. Check Slate's quick review.

In local events that you won't find reported on the Gazette or Sun, there was some guy at the intersection enar my job with a big old banner wishing everyone an "Irie Bob Marley Day". I'm not sure if it's an official holiday in Jamaica, but it was interesting to see someone out and about promoting One Love.

And finally, when coming into work, I noticed that one of the buses was heading for a place called "Barnes Coners". Um, can someone at the Transport Board let us know where this Coners place is, or if there's simply another joker around here who needs to take spelling/punctuation/grammar classes?

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