Bermuda's online community quiets a bit?

With the creator and editor of the Limey In Bermuda website taking a leave of absence from new blogs, there's a bit of a void in the Bermuda online community. While there's no official stats to indicate for sure, I'd wager that Limey's visitor stats rank near the top of the charts as far as local sites are concerned. I don't think there's another website that has a larger contibuting segment in Bermuda.

Where will people go to now for non-traditional-media driven debate on Bermuda issues? Imho.bm, Bravozulu.bm and Denis Pitcher's blog are updated frequently and offer feedback sections. Politics.bm is also active but doesn't allow for feedback. Bermudasucks.com, which has a fairly active discussion forum, probably won't shake its unfairly garnered label of being unfriendly to Bermudians. Bermynet doesn't have any interactive sections despite its overall popularity. Bermuda.com, which used to have some kind of interaction, has been reduced to a tourism site of sorts.

I suppose that the standard online newsmedia sites, namely the Bermuda Sun, will pull more visitors and get more feedback. Again, Bermuda Broadcasting is missing the boat, and what's going to happen is that some independent party is going to launch a service and trust me they'll be pulling all kinds of ad revenue.

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