Clearly politicians don't take the bus to work

In the 2007 Budget, Government's increasing the frequency of operation of buses on the majour routes (7/8 to Somerset, 10/11 to St. George's) to 15-minute intervals. This is going to have zero effect on the needs of the travelling population.

People need to have more frequent bus service during certain periods, i.e. rush hour. 15-minute intervals between 10pm and midnight is not going to "minimise the incidence of drunk-driving". Maybe if they had half-hourly service between 10pm and 2am. As for the rush-hour scenario, why not have buses every 10 minutes between 8 and 9am and 5 and 6:30pm on the major routes?

Finally, there's nothing said on the "lesser routes". The 2, 3, 4, and 9 routes don't seem to be addressed and they travel along populated circuits, however service ends at 6:15pm on weekdays (earlier on weekends). Where's the attention there? I don't live on those routes but I can easily tell that the change in the route service has no effect whatsoever on their routine and they're still stuck with limited options. Not even an extension of an hour in the evenings.

Something was mentioned in the newspapers about "neighbourhood buses" but there's nothing definitive to reference on the Government web portal at this time.

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