Ooh, road safety campaign makes a move

Why the devil the Royal Gazette have made wholesale site changes, and simultaneously breaking every previous link to their website for every page on the Web, I don't know. Not even a redirect or anything like that. Before their sports editor boasts and brags about their alleged superior CWC coverage coming up (I suppose they got an in to hottfm as well), they ought to work on relaunching their site properly without making myself, the IMHO.bm webmaster, the politics.bm webmaster and others throw their hands up in frustration.

Anyway it was reported that something may actually be in the works regarding dangerous driving practices, namely cell phone usage. Anyway, with no law in the books and none really looming, I only yawn and just prepare to hear about the next road traffic fatality. Did you know we're at FOUR and February isn't over yet?

Meanwhile some police officer was on the TV news talking about how there really was a police presence and they were booking people for traffic offences. Again, I'll believe it when I see a cop somewhere besides the Esso Tigermart or double-parked outside KFC. The crux anyway, was that they're asking motorists to take responsibility on the roads. And seriously, you can't do that and then hope that things miraculously get better. How reactive are the powers-that-be behaving?

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