Traffic fun

For some stupid reason, the police are announcing that they're clamping down on traffic violations including illegal parking, speeding and running red lights.

Firstly, I'll believe it when I see it, particularly for the red-light runners. I can believe parking violations since there's little effort needed besides strolling around and slapping a ticket. Anything involving changing inertia, good luck.

Secondly, why the hell announce it? Just enforce the darn law the way you're supposed to. Why give people the opportunity to pretend to drive properly for a month and not learn anything new? Just book us according to the law and see if we change our ways.

Not by coincidence, I'm riding into work this morning and near the Tennis Stadium I come across these two guys holding up a banner of some sort. They were dressed in that shirt-and-tie combo that to me indicated that they were of the Latter-Day Saints movement. Their banner read, "Honk if you prayed this morning".

Me: "Oh dear lord..."

I can't make up this comedy if I tried. Of course I was too late to actually honk after I muttered that. However, wouldn't this be in violation of what the police are looking to cut back on? If I recall, it's an offense to use your horn for reasons other than certain traffic situations...

Limey is one of many weighing in on this bizarre announcement, particularly as it relates to enforcing the 35kph law.

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