They got the bomb

So North Korea has the bomb now. Only a matter of time, I would have thought. And for all the talk about trying to persuade North Korea to not proceed with their program, it's hard to give weight to the suggestions coming from the United States which still has enough nuclear weapons to completely annihilate the planet.

Read a take on professional athletes choosing not to represent their country, as it relates to soccer. I'm of the opinion that there's few greater honours for an athlete, and it relays down here even to Bermuda. For some people, and I'd love to ask some of those guys who choose that route exactly *why*, they'd rather not.

Is it money or lack thereof? There've been issues with the West Indies cricketers and the Board over contracts, as well as soccer issues namely Togo and to a lesser extent Trinidad and Tobago. But when you see multi-millionaires, whether in soccer or the NBA, decide they're not interested in representing their country and instead are focusing on their club (admittedly, their employer) commitments, it makes one wonder.

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