Bridgetown is beyond full

Was reading about things back down in Barbados when I came across this letter to the editor. Firstly, I can't imagine the benefit of another cross-country 'highway' that won't serve any purpose. Bus routes won't be created for this road, the only thing it really does is give commuters another method of going to the airport if they live in the west end of the island.

What I really agree with the most is that Bridgetown is a congested city and the only way to alleviate traffic flow is to divert business centres and the like to another location. I've seen small outlets take shape in Warrens, but I think an ambitious project should be taken up by the Government. Holetown and Speightstown are likely out - maybe somewhere centrally located should be developed into a business centre, and of course with it, restaurants, department stores and the like would follow.

Trust me - rush hour in Bermuda doesn't compare to what it's like getting out of Bridgetown most days...

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