The effects of the police blitz

Many people are driving more slowly... which is having the effect of... well, only a bit more frustration.

Meanwhile, this morning, I'm behind car 40119 which makes a turn without indicating. Later this evening, I am walking to my bike and I see a van, licence 38360, run a red light. Then on my way home, in fromt of me is a bike, licence AD408, with no working rear light and also failing to signal a turn.

Oh yeah. We're becoming a clearly safer Bermuda with the police blitz. Joy.

So I don't appear to be completely dissatisfied with "The Man", I have to give major props to TCD for giving me the most efficient bike relicensing process imaginable. I booked an appointment for the inspection process, and it went amazingly quickly. The queue was short for the relicensing, and I was processed in record time. Congratulations! And of course, lesson of today is book in advance :-)

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