Some people need to be made permanent pedestrians

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Meanwhile, I'm getting more and more convinced that we need to take at least five thousand drivers off Bermuda's roads. This morning I'm riding behind this white car that itself was behind a motorist (bike) in a small line of traffic. On several occasions the driver inched across the line, and was tailing the bike ahead so much that the driver was forced to their left, dreading the inevitable overtake of doom. Let me say that in front of the bike was a dump truck and there was no where for the bike to go.

We approach a roundabout. The bike takes the left lane and is 'clear'. The car decides to take both lanes (!), then eventually follow the bike in the left lane, finally deciding to turn the left indicator on - although ordinarily the left indicator would be used to indicate a left turn, not a straight turn - but that's another discussion, as it's already heading straight. I follow, that being my normal route to work.

Eventually the car driver decides she's had enough and squeezes past the bike rider, who's now pressed against the curb. She successfully passes the rider, and to me it doesn't appear that the rider is too pleased. Oddly enough, neither are the driver and her passenger.

As fate would have it, the driver then gets caught behind another driver who's stopped to make a right turn. The biker was clear to overtake on the left-side, and I gladly followed.

Car licence number 37662, you've been booked. And I'll be back for more...


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