Blog on Beachlime

I think I've done it. With a lot of reading and tinkering, I've been able to template-up the blog and port it to the new website. It appears to work so far, but there seem to be a few bugs still about that I've overlooked. I'll be working on this for the remainder of this week.

With the blog and Photo Shack now up, it will soon be time to retire my old Northrock webspace. It was nice while it lasted, I suppose, 5MB wasn't going to keep me in the game forever and I had to move on, although not until I felt I could actually handle running a larger site with more features.

On the new site, I plan to have the new Fiction Corner (like the Poetry Corner), a message board (the site seems to provide this easily enough) and more and more of my products. Oh yeah.The old DAG Theory will be archived somewhere here as well. Attleeboy would fire me if I neglected that, heh.

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